Every single detail, even the smallest, has been designed to ehnance the image of the products displayed. We consider the showcase not only an elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture, but also a concrete support to the promotional sales.

Accurate design, essential and precious style, high-quality material and easiness of use are only some of the features of our displays.

Over 60 years of history

The PACI GLASS GROUP started its business a long time ago, in 1959. At the beginning the activities took place in a little warehouse taken for rent and afterwards in buildings owned by the Group, which have expanded in the course of the years. In the Seventies, also the Company ITALVETRINE, producer of showcases promotional displays and shop fittings, started ist activity. This new reality led Vetreria F.lli Paci to the construction of a more appropriate location and to a successive factory expansion, reaching the current 20.000 square meters. The PACI GLASS GROUP, which thanks to ITALVETRINE assumed a leading international role in almost every world market, is actually an important reality in the industrial and artistic glass sector. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the achievement of this prestigious position.

Industrial division

The industrial division of the Paci Glass Group manufactures a highly variable range of glass products for the commercial and industrial markets. A high level of computerisation results in the efficient production of high quality products including sand-blasted, laminated, toughened, coloured, painted and bevelled glass.

Bound Glass

The technique used to create any design through the use of cathedral glass, blown glass, natural, clear or colour glass by binding with lead, brass or a tiffany style. This technique may also be used to create mirrors.

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